Bish Mubarak is a very successful energy industry executive

Posted by Admin - January 9th, 2013

Bish Mubarak is a very successful energy industry executive. However, he knows that is not solely due to his own business acumen or instincts. Much of the success he has been able to experience can be attributed to his education. This helped him to cultivate that business acumen that has served him so well throughout his career. Bish Mubarak was able to attend one of Canada’s foremost universities and received his degree from that institution, the University of Western Ontario. This certainly gave him a leg up in terms of experiencing business success. Bish Mubarak also attributes his business success to the values that he holds most dear in business. These are integrity, dedication, and professionalism.

Bish Mubarak is hardly a newcomer to the energy industry. This is an industry that is relatively young due to the fact that it did not really exist until the recent move towards deregulation. Nevertheless, Bish Mubarak is an industry veteran who has been around since basically the beginnings of the field. Mubarak is known for his creativity, he is a much needed innovator in the energy field. The energy industry presents unique problems that Bish Mubarak seems well equipped to handle.

Bish Mubarak is a Leading Businessman in the Energy Industry

Posted by Admin - January 4th, 2012

The energy industry is not a field that is easy to make headway in. The industry has benefited from the involvement of a skilled entrepreneur and innovator named Bish Mubarak. He is a leading businessman in the energy industry who is well respected because of all he has done. Bish Mubarak’s professional career started with a high quality education. He attended the University of Western Ontario, where he claims the education that he received prepared him for a life in the business world. Attending one of the most respected universities in Canada. His chances of success were raised dramatically because of his high quality education.

The success that Bish Mubarak has experienced is not solely due to his high quality education. It is also partially due to Bish Mubarak’s personal values, which include integrity, dedication, and professionalism. These values and his high quality education combined to make Bish Mubarak an entrepreneur in waiting.

Bish Mubarak has accomplished a good deal in his business pursuits. Over the course of his entrepreneurial career, he has been able to create and develop several multi-million dollar businesses based in North America. Mubarak’s success, according to him, can be attributed to his dedication, his integrity, his professionalism, and the educational foundation he received.

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